Kendra Marks, Senior editor

The act of communicating through the written word has always been important to me. I’m fascinated by the way the English language changes over time and within different communities. I believe editing should occur within a variety of dialects and styles, rather than by strictly prioritizing one form of English over another. Language reflects social and cultural change, and I provide editing for writers hoping to incorporate non-standard elements, such as the use of specific regional terms or the singular gender-neutral ‘they’ pronoun, into their text in a clear and consistent way. I also have an extensive knowledge of Standard English, and I stay informed of current trends and changes within it so as to offer the most complete editing services for any project.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree (2008, First Class Honours) and a Master of Arts degree (2011), specializing in narrative literature and literary theory. I’ve worked at a public library and at several bookstores, as well as in universities as a tutor, a research assistant, a teaching assistant and a marking assistant. I read widely and frequently, and I’ve been editing texts for over ten years.

I have worked on a variety of editing projects, including academic (essays for undergraduate, professional and graduate degrees, as well as articles for publication in academic books and refereed journals), creative (novels, short stories, poetry, creative non-fiction, essays, art catalogues and exhibition materials) and professional (resumes, cover letters, websites, portfolios and promotional material). I have worked with writers for whom English is a first language and with those for whom it is not. I’m a member of both the Editors’ Association of Canada and the Professional Editors Association of Vancouver Island (PEAVI), and you can find me on LinkedIn. I am grateful for the opportunity to live on the traditional territories of the Lekwungen First People. I’m currently based in Victoria, British Columbia, and I’m available for projects globally.