Proofreading is the last check on a text’s final draft. By the time you have your text proofread, it should have already been thoroughly edited. When proofreading, I check for misspellings, minor punctuation mistakes and typographical and formatting errors, all while maintaining the consistency of your text’s layout. If you’re looking for grammatical corrections and suggestions for style, word choice and the larger structure of your text, you’ll want to check out Stylistic Editing or Structural Editing. Editing for final Proofreading after Stylistic or Structural Editing is offered at a significant discount.

Stylistic Editing

Stylistic Editing corrects spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistency of verb tense while maintaining your distinct writing style. I’ll suggest changes for word choice and sentence construction, including placement and length, and I’ll smooth the transitions between sentences, paragraphs and sections. I’ll offer suggestions for improving your text’s argument, flow and readability, with an eye to sharpening overall clarity and consistency. If you’re looking for suggestions for the larger structure of your text, check out Structural Editing. While nothing truly replaces a final proofread, I will check and correct misspellings and typographical errors, and I’ll maintain the format of your text. For academic projects, I will also check the correctness and consistency of your chosen reference style (APA, MLA or Chicago). For large projects (+45 pages) or on demand, I will also provide a customized style sheet.

Structural Editing

Structural Editing suggests improvements for the larger argument or narrative of your text, including both the content and the organization. I’ll examine multiple textual levels, from your paragraph structure out to your complete text while improving the coherency and clarity of the content. I’ll also provide everything I offer in Stylistic Editing, along with corrections for typographical and formatting errors and, for academic projects, a check for the consistency of your references. Since Structural Editing provides significant changes and improvements to your text, it’s worthwhile to add a final proofread at the end of your project. For large projects (+45 pages) or on demand, I will also provide a style sheet customized to your project.

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