Kendra edited a paper for presentation at an academic conference dedicated to the work of Federico Fellini. Her editing was punctual, precise, and insightful, and she provided structural and stylistic edits that helped me gain a better sense of how I wanted to organize my writing. Through her editorial and creative suggestions my paper improved significantly in both form and content. I have no doubt that her contributions to my paper supported the positive response to it at the conference, and enabled its later inclusion as part of a significant book on Fellini’s work.

Chelsea McMullan, Filmmaker

Kendra was an immense help to me last year while I was writing a novella for my undergraduate thesis. Though the piece was creative per se, it also had to embody and engage rigorously with a certain aesthetic theory; thus, in straddling both the artistic and the academic, the work presented many editorial challenges and, in its early stages, demanded a particularly skillful eye. I can say confidently that Kendra’s editorial gift — which I’ve now profited from for over a year — met my work in such a way not only elucidated the material text but also saw clearly beyond it.

I will not linger on Kendra’s proofreading because it met my needs perfectly and, in my eyes, demands no further comment; her mastery of the English language is beyond evident. On the contrary, it was her insight on the structure, flow, and rhythm of the piece that transformed my final product. Any editor can mark idiosyncrasies by rote, reference grammar laws, swing a red pen (I’ve worked with many) — but Kendra is fluent in her art and her mastery is evident in the nuance and sensitivity with which she approaches language. Surely, Kendra’s superior sensitivity to the needs of both you, the writer, and those of your eventual reader allows her to deploy editing knowledge with the expertise that marks all her work.

I can count on Kendra to respond quickly, correct justly, comment sensitively, and ultimately to enhance my work to a quality beyond what I am able to achieve alone. Though it is probably needless to say at this point, I recommend Kendra for any form of editing work without the slightest reservation.

William Hamlett, Assistant étranger d’anglais / English Language Assistant

Kendra has proofread/edited documents for me on three occasions: a bio, a cover letter and resume, and a research paper during my recent return to holistic nutrition school. The research paper was particularly important as I hadn’t written one in years (or maybe ever) and I had no idea where to begin. Kendra helped me hash out an outline, then later reviewed the paper for continuity, spelling and grammar, and referencing. Her feedback helped me fix the problems myself: her notes prompted me with questions to clarify exactly what I was going for – it was like we were having an in-person conversation. She was clear about when she needed the material by in order to get it back to me on time for my deadline. I sent it and had it back within a few hours – so fast! Kendra will continue to be my go-to editor for anything I write, personal or professional. She’s awesome!!

Jacinthe Koddo, Connector, Educator & Dinner-Based Facilitator

I asked Kendra for editing help regarding my undergraduate design portfolio. The objective was to create an international portfolio; therefore, it was written both in Spanish and in English. As a native Spanish speaker, doing the English translation had some difficulties because the way of expressing the overall design objectives and narratives changes completely from one language to the other. Although I grew up speaking English, there are challenges regarding how to express the same things that I wanted to express in Spanish – the train of thought is completely different.

Kendra helped me to communicate my portfolio for English-speaking people. She corrected typos, spelling and punctuation mistakes, but the most important improvement that she made to my portfolio was fluency and consistency. There was constant feedback between both parts. She didn’t know my previous work, so the fact that she corrected and gave feedback to me helped me understand how my portfolio was being understood. She answered promptly and without delay so that my workflow was never interrupted during her editing.

Juan Sebastián Sánchez, Designer

I met Kendra Marks in 2012 in Reykjavík, Iceland, in the context of an international course for Icelandic language and culture. We got to know each other during the first days, and since we both studied languages we also talked a lot about languages: how to learn them and how to teach them, and what kind of languages we wanted to learn in the future. It was interesting because we studied completely different languages: Kendra had studied South Asian languages and I studied Scandinavian languages.

Since I’m not a native English speaker, I asked Kendra for advice on the correction of the English texts I use in professional and academic contexts. Kendra corrected my grammar and spelling mistakes, and made suggestions for the content. Her corrections were made in such a way that I was able to understand and follow her corrections, and even learn something for my future writing.

Kendra is a very patient and understanding person, and she enjoys working and interacting with languages and people. From my experience of working with Kendra’s professionalism I highly recommend contacting her for any editing work.

Milena Kulik Beider, MA in Scandinavian Studies

Kendra has been editing my papers since the beginning of my graduate studies well over a year ago. She has an eye for detail in catching grammar issues, typos and citation errors. Perhaps even more useful are the recommendations Kendra makes on structure and phrasing. I think sometimes I phrase my sentences very awkwardly; however, Kendra knows exactly what I am trying to say in my papers and is quick to provide grammar and wording recommendations that feel appropriate and fitting for my style of writing.

Additionally, Kendra’s strong grasp of the English language shows when I receive an edited paper back from her. She often provides gentle reminders of grammar and punctuation rules which have helped improve my writing considerably. I find that when I write now, I am less inclined to make some of the grammatical mistakes I typically make because I am reminded of the papers Kendra previously edited.

I am really glad I found Kendra to be my editor. Her attention to detail, quick turnaround and accessible but professional editing style has assisted me immensely in writing graduate level papers. I don’t think I will find a better editor than her and hope to continue to seek her services even after I am finished my studies.

Raphael Leung, Community Outreach Librarian

I would highly recommend Contemporary Editing for text-based projects of any size and style. I have hired Kendra to edit my online blog posts, grant applications, social media, biographies, and a book of memoir-style personal essays. Kendra’s edits are always prompt and insightful, and she manages to distill my intended meaning while maintaining my voice in the writing.

Rae Spoon, Musician / Author

Both of my reviewers applauded the clarity and structure of my article and the first one even wrote that it was very elegantly and fluently written. So, really, big thanks to Kendra!

N.B., Scholar